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How you should do it - Renting safely

Follow these guidelines during your apartment search

  • Find one or more apartments that fits your need.

  • Contact the landlord and go to the apartment showcase.

  • If you reach an agreement with the landlord, the landlord will send you a lease contract.

  • Read the lease contract thoroughly and if needed, consult a solicitor to help you. You should be aware of among others whether the apartment is taken over reconditioned or not – as it can have a great impact on the expenses imposed on you, when you are moving out again at some point.

  • Check out if the landlord in fact owns the apartment. You can ask the neighbours around – or simply look at the name on the door name plate.

  • If the landlord is renting the apartment himself, it is not certain that he can sublease it to you. You should ask the landlord, if you can see his permission to sublease the apartment.

  • If the landlord is a known real estate company or broker, there should not be any problem and you can usually trust that the person can rent out the apartment.

  • When both you and the landlord have signed the lease contract, you will usually have a couple of days to transfer to the deposit. In this case, you should never make the transfer to a foreign bank account.

  • Be sure to make a clear agreement with the landlord about the handover of the apartment. When can you move in? When will you receive the keys? And so on…

NB! Always remember to never transfer money without having met the person or seen the apartment and signed a lease contract!