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How the scam works - Renting safely

This is how the housing scammers will try to trick you

  • Housing scammers are typically organised criminals, who are residing in countries outside the EU, for example in North Africa.

  • The housing scammers create attractive ad with apartments for rent on different housing portals. The apartments are usually written in English, but sometimes the IT-criminals are smart enough to use an apartment that previously has been advertised for rent or sale – and then they copy the description in that language. In that way, they will have a housing ad which seems both local and reliable.

  • The apartment will usually have an attractive address with a relatively low rent as well as deposit. As an example, the deposit could be much lower than the monthly rent.

  • The housing scammers are usually impossible to get in touch with by phone, and they will use all sorts of excuses to make you transfer a deposit to a foreign bank account without having met them or even seen the apartment. In this case, they will among others send you a signed lease contract.

  • The housing scammers will often tell a story about why they cannot showcase the apartment, because they are currently abroad.

NB! Always remember to never transfer money without having met the person or seen the apartment and signed a lease contract!