Renting safely

About is created to help anyone searching for housing – to do so in a safer way, by lower the risk of getting in the hands of housing scammers, who want to trick a deposit out of you.

There are many housing scammers, primarily residing abroad, who offer fake apartments. They have one simple purpose which is to expose anyone searching for housing to a scam, where they can get your deposit from you. The problem is known in most big European cities and is among others described by the FBI.

By following some simple guidelines when searching for housing, you can reduce the probability of getting scammed for a deposit or down payment.

The housing scammers will usually tell you that you can ensure the apartment is yours – if you just transfer the deposit. It can be tempting in a difficult housing market. But do not give in!

If you were exposed to fraud and tricked to pay a deposit to a scammer, the money would typically be lost for good. But we would still recommend for you to report the incident to the police.

NB! Always remember to never transfer money without having met the person or seen the apartment and signed a lease contract!